February 17, 2015
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October 4, 2015
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Hi All,


So I know I haven’t done a blog in a while….life happened and that’s what this post is all about today.

Life is busy and we can get caught up very quickly in the busyness of life, stress, chaos, work, children, family and all the have to’s of life. This has been my last couple of months and so here’s what I have learnt once again. It’s not worth it!

The rat race of have to’s, and I have no choice, is really not good for us, and really a lie. We always have a choice and we never have to do anything. We choose to make our lives busy and to add more stress and unnecessary busyness into our lives.

This is so unhealthy for us in so many ways. We say we have to work more hours and we have to do xy and z, because we have to earn a living. But then we spend all that hard earned money to pay for medical bills because our bodies cannot handle the stress; the vicious cycle begins. Very often we say we work hard to have that holiday, or nice house or extra money to do things for our kids or ourselves. But we end up not doing it or having the cash because we spend it on bills, medical bills or other unnecessary clutter; because we must have that or do that. We very quickly forget our original goals and reasons for working; to enjoy life, our friends, family and to be healthy.

So here’s a few tips from my journey over the last couple of months:

1) Breathe deeply as often as you can.

2) Take a moment to just do nothing and have you mind reset. (Try and do nothing for a few minutes every day)

3) Be mindful of things around you. Notice the beauty and the chaos. (Learn from it.)

4) Be thankful and grateful for the small and big things. Notice the spring blossoms and be grateful that you can see and experience it.

5) Breathe once again and take that moment ; )

6) Don’t take yourself too seriously.

7) Eat healthy and exercise; not because you have to but because you WANT to. (The “want to” makes a huge difference otherwise it’s just added stress).

8) Find something you really are passionate about and actually do it.

9) Make decisions, indecisiveness can be stressful, make the decision and be happy with your choice.

10) Know that you always have a choice. Be happy with you yes and be happy with your no. You are allowed to say no.

11) Forgive and let go. Not forgiving and not letting go only hurts you and not the person you aren’t forgiving.

12) Lastly say YES to yourself……….


Wishing you all a wonderful journey finding yourselves, I have attached a song from a wonderful singer Nianell to this post that I think sums up all that I said above, until we chat again.

Sending peaceful thoughts to you,






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